Saturday, February 20, 2010

Starting Vera's Version

Gosh, I can't believe it.  I finally got the nerve to create my blog.  My intention has been to do so for over a year.  Somehow it was so hard to actually do this thing which is proving much easier than I had anticipated.

Perhaps that is another of those Life Lessons.  Things usually aren't as big and scary as they seem from a distance.  When you are up-close-and-personal with whatever it is (unless perhaps it is a vampire, werewolf or a baby's dirty diaper), the THING that has made you hesitate so long is not really a big THING at all, but a small, little ghost of itself.  The fear that held you back drifts off like a wisp of smoke in the breeze of accomplishment, and you wonder...why did I hesitate so long?

Note that I have craftily substituted You rather than own the problem as my own.  Anyone relate?


  1. Enjoyed your blog Vera Jane. Keep it up.

  2. Not scary at all. Congrats and enjoy. It's a great deal of fun and it IS writing, after all.

    P.S. For some reason, it took a loooooong time to download. Anyone else have that problem?