Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Cat Feet

Anyone out there fans of Lilian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who…mystery series? I’m sad to have learned that she passed on.  Koko and Yum Yum will likewise be missed.

Here’s another question for you—what is it about cats that make them good to have in mysteries? There are other stories out there that feature cat sleuths or sidekicks.

Cats do look at one with all-knowing eyes, or so it seems. Do they see into the misdeeds of us humans?

Even Diamond and Smokey, the little 11-week old outside kittens, settle down and stare at me when I talk to them. Sometimes the stare is bored, sometimes a bit contemptuous, sometimes wise.  They are too young to keep their feelings a secret from their caretaker.

Momma cat, Charcoal, is a different story. She solved the mystery of finding a home when someone cast her out, young and pregnant. She might have the bored, wise stare, but doesn’t show the contemptuous part.  She is too smart for that.

By the way, anyone want to adopt one or two adorable, gangly, gray youngsters who can perhaps read your mind?  

Warning: Don’t agree if you contemplate committing a crime.   

Who knows…they might be the future sleuth kitties of the world, although I don’t think either have all the extra whiskers that Braun gave Koko to give him special abilities.


  1. what a sneaky way to post a cat give-away!!!

    Cats may be mysterious, but dogs will alert you if an intruder is near.

  2. As it happens, I would definitely love to adopt one of your kittens! For some reason, gray ones are my favorite, and I promise to not have any kitten witnesses to any crimes.

    Can I send you my phone number so we can make arrangements?


  3. Oh, this is the first I heard of it!

    The News is only producing garbage these days. Wow am I gonna miss her.
    I did not realize she was so old though, and what do ya all think about her leaving behind a 32 year old husband???

  4. i did enjoy the cat who series, so was sorry to hear about braun's passing. don't care much for cats in general, maybe just fictional cats. i liked the chesire cat. probably any animal could be a good crime solver with the right author working on it.
    so did i win a prize for responding to this blog?

  5. Sweet picture. Wish I could adopt but my hubby says "NO!". There is something so earthy yet mystical about cats. T.S. Elliot's Old Possum's Book of Cats became the most magical musical--CATS. Like people, no one is exactly alike.

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  7. Thanks jerry-mac. Sure if you'd like a kitten. :)

    Thanks for your comment. Why do you like the chesire cat?

  8. Hi Sharon...mystical, yes I think so too. I know that the neighborhood cats all seem to know that we are soft touches at dinner time. :)

  9. Hi Delane--I was also surprised about her age...didn't catch the part about the young husband. Wow! Maybe that's what helped to keep her 'young'.

  10. Hey Shirley you haven't seen Leo my 20ish pound attack cat. He bites, but doesn't bark.

    Don't worry though, Leo is fixed and the kittens don't have his personality.

    Sure you don't want a cute, sweet kitten?

    Sneaky? Me? :)

  11. Hi Fran--Sure send me your phone number at verasversion@gmail.com .

  12. Hi All--Diamond has a new home with Fran. Thanks Fran.

    It sounds like Diamond has a super new 'Mom' and 'Dad' who are already doing a bit of spoiling.

  13. waiting for next post