Friday, July 19, 2013

Does Bigfoot Really Die?

Hi Everyone,

I'm blaming it on Bigfoot. Yes that is the reason I've been lax in posting. DEATH OF BIGFOOT, my new ebook which is due out on Amazon by the end of August or sooner, is one reason my words haven't been flowing here.

That story and nine other tales of suspense, mayhem and whatnot are keeping me on the edge of my seat with learning how to ePublish. I've managed to slice out a space for an Author page on Facebook, too, under the name VJ Schultz at .

Now does Bigfoot really die? Would I be that cruel? :)

Have a wonderful day!
VJ Schultz


  1. It's hard to keep up with blogging. And Facebook, and Twitter, and Pinterest, and Google+, and Tumblr, and Pheed, and does it ever end? I'm excited to hear more about your anthology!

    1. Thanks. Yes, social media is daunting and really eats up time. My nephews say that Instagram is the big thing in the teen set right now. No, it doesn't end. I think social media evolves and revolves. :)