Thursday, October 24, 2013


FREE--get them while they are hot! I feel like a street vendor shouting out my wares. DEATH OF BIGFOOT & OTHER TALES, Kindle version, is FREE to download from from October 27th-October 31st. Trick or treat! Come one, come all! :)

Won't last long at this price. Ha, ha. That is one sales sentence I can't stand. What does it mean? Are the things (whatever they are) going rotten? I'd like whatever it is to last a good long time, at any price. Humph.

And don't you hate those "Going Out of Business" sales where the next month it is the same business under a slightly different name? Well, shuck--eeee--darns.  Fortunately, I'm not going out of business. In fact, book number two in the Take Ten Tales series is almost ready to upload to Amazon for Kindle. The editing is done. Today I'm working on the photos which illustrate each of the ten official and one extra stories.  TRUTH OR DARE & OTHER TALES has horror, paranormal and lots of suspense within its pages. Booooo!

Oh, and one sale sign that I've seen several times at the local fairground is "Kids Sale." While I might like to have a child (not a kid = goat), I don't want to buy one. I've thought about going in and asking for one just this tall and with an IQ of 140. If I ever do, I will let you know the results.

Okay, back to my purpose.  Please do check out the free download of DEATH OF BIGFOOT & OTHER TALES. Please download my book and enjoy the read. Please tell your friends so they may do the same. Spread the word and we will see how many downloads happen during those five days. I promise to report back to you on the results in an upcoming blog.

Now I'm off to find a Great Horned Owl. I need a photo for one of the stories, "Fade Out," in TRUTH OR DARE. 


  1. Haha. Fun post and I hope your Halloween special goes well! I have the paper copy and look forward to reading it.

    Yes, sometimes we do feel like carnival barkers but bark we must. :)

  2. I downloaded mine!

  3. Fun post. Can't wait to read your book.

  4. Good luck with the free book promo. Everyone says it's the way to gain an audience.

    1. Thanks! It is quite interesting. At least I now have a worldwide audience. And now I wait to see what the long-term effect will be.