Thursday, July 24, 2014

On Reviews

Do you review books you read? As an author with books up needing reviews posted to them,  I'm asking you to please submit reviews. If you enjoyed the book, it encourages the author to write more books you might like to read in the future.

I try to do reviews, although I've made it a personal rule to not review a book unless I think it rates at least 3 stars. To be perfectly honest, I haven't given any book yet a 3-star review. Some books I've quit reading because they need more editing or maybe I simply don't like the storyline due to personal taste. 

Here is the latest review I've written and posted to Amazon:

Five stars for Beyond the Horizon and a high five to this emerging new author! Wanda Kay Fittro proves herself a master storyteller in this romantic suspense novel. Josh and Katie overcome their hurtful pasts to find love despite the bad guy. A delightful paranormal element is in the mix--Two Shoes. I would love to see his story or at least his reappearance in a future Fittro novel.

You can find Beyond the Horizon  HERE.

The first review I did, made me nervous. Although I've critiqued other writers' works, never had I written a review which could influence how prospective readers would view another author's books. Never had I put something about another writer out there for the world to see; I did not want to hurt the writer's feelings.

The first review was short and not as polished as my later ones. Still, I got it out there knowing having reviews mean something magical to Amazon's placement of books and their authors in the system. Each review is important individually and counted together. We authors all want as many reviews as we can get. Of course, we want them all to be 5-star reviews; 4-stars will do. :)

How to review: 
1) Be kind.
2) Be fair.
3) Be honest.
4) Talk to the prospective reader as if you were standing by him or her in the library and recommending a book.

So, please take time to review the books you enjoy. Writing is a lonely profession and posted reviews give us solitary authors an opportunity to know we actually have an audience out there awaiting our next book.

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