Thursday, December 11, 2014

Word Power

Did you ever really think about the power of words? 

We who are writers hold that power. Why with one word we writers can have a character smile, laugh, frown, cry, scream or even live or die. As in, “Ralph lived.” Or, “Ralph died.”

We can make our own worlds. Only us, the writers, see the room, dwelling, neighborhood, town, country where our characters live whether it is placed within the contemporary USA or a Mars colony in 2099. Our room might be a bright blue or a dull slate gray. Springfield, USA might have a street not truly listed on the real Springfield’s street map.

Words are our tools/weapons/brushes and paint. They are our blessings and how we bless others with entertainment and, hopefully, enlightenment. We writers are driven to tell stories because we are blessed with words and the ability to string those words together.

As writers, we can be solitary souls more comfortable with words than with people. That is one way the power of words can work to our detriment. Then there are those wonderful times when we word smiths join together in writing groups or clubs and our words become even more powerful because they are full of cheer, sharing and encouragement for each other.

But the power of words is not limited to writers alone. Non-writers can bestow kind words on family, friends, or strangers which might lighten that individual's life.

Why with one word you--writer or non-writer--can change the world!

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