Saturday, May 17, 2014

That Scattered Feeling--Know What I Mean?

The past few weeks I've been plagued by that scattered feeling--know what I mean? 

Outside neglected flowerbeds which host more weeds than flowers wave at me for attention. Photos and mementos huddle in the cabinet, under overcrowded conditions, awaiting release into an album or display for the walls. The t-shirt which is meant for a pillow cover squats in a frown shape upon my dining room table.

The next book project keeps nudging me, urging, "Me next!" The need to market my recently published book, UNDERCOVER LOVE & OTHER TALES, pulls at my arm, tugging me to go sit down at the computer and do something--anything--to sell it. "What good is a book unread?" it whispers into my ear.

Akkk! Enough. Off with their heads! Humph.

From experience, I know how to handle all this uproar.

Sssssh! Calm down. One at a time, I tell each impatient project. Inside I tell myself, focus. Pick one and do it. Get it done.

The only way to eat an elephant…even for a T-Rex…is one bite at a time. Not that I'm a T-Rex. I'm a multi-tasking woman. Yes, I can do the laundry, run the dishwasher and write at the same time. However, I've found that some, more major, projects take focus. Or none get completed. Started yes, but not done.

So, I'm picking one major project. First I figure out which needs done first.

No brainer. Because it is time sensitive, I'm focusing on marketing for my latest book. Excuse me a moment.

Hi--I'm back. I just set up a 48-hour Kindle Countdown Deal on all three books I've got out on in honor of launching book number three. That should count for a couple bites of that elephant. Pass the BBQ sauce, I'm going in for more.

What about you? Got anything you need to chew?

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