Thursday, May 1, 2014

Undercover Love & Other Tales -- My New Book is Out!

Life is exciting--it is always exciting when another of my books takes form. UNDERCOVER LOVE & OTHER TALES is the third in the Take Ten Tales collections of short stories. 

One night, until probably 2 a.m., I did a photo shoot in my office for this book. I gathered all the objects of L-O-V-E in the house (except for my husband--hee, hee) and created various scenarios using them. The cover photo is one of those compositions.

The large heart shape with the red rose is a box which was filled with chocolates one Valentine's Day. John gave it to me and after we consumed the chocolates it has resided with the treasures and mementos of our married life. They occupy the bottom shelf of my china cabinet. 

It was soooo cool to use this as the cover! And appropriate: the stories within are all sweet romances that are like a treat to be savored.

If you get time, check out my new book. It is available on and is both an ebook and a paperback.

I get to show it off in person on Friday at a book signing event associated with Springfield's First Friday Art Walk. Yes, life is exciting!

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