Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Books of Paper vs e-Readers

Books feel substantial. I enjoy the heft of a book made of paper. The volumes have a certain feel and texture. Books have an energy all their own, almost a life force. They help raise our children, teach us wisdom, and get passed from generation to generation as blessings.

I own a Nook. Mostly it sits in my desk drawer. The habit of picking it up and reading books from this electronic device has not come to me. It is still a cool thing and miraculous because it contains a vast amount of knowledge within such a small space. A whole library resides therein. Amazing.

Because I am publishing my books on, I purchased a Kindle Fire. I am looking forward to holding it and playing with it and, even, reading books using the device. As soon as it arrives, I will start creating the habit. After 21 days using a Kindle to read books should not be strange, because it takes 21 days to create a habit.

I shall not give up reading books printed on paper. While I may enjoy the fun and convenience of my Kindle, I am loyal to the friends of my childhood. Still, I am excited by my new Kindle. I almost can't wait until it reaches my door. Making a new friend is always fun.

How do you feel about books, Kindles, Nooks, and other reading devices? Any tips on apps to get for the Kindle Fire?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Social Media Madness

Social Media Madness has bludgeoned me into submission! I surrender. Between Facebooking, Tweeting and Hooting, my mind is buzzing. Do you know what I mean?

What the heck are #hashtags and why do I want them? Is there any real purpose in posting to Facebook? Or in Tweeting on Twitter? HootSuite helps, but it is another thing to learn. AKKK!

Okay, now that I’ve let off some of the steam created by overheating my brain, I can be calm. Social Media is a good tool. Deep down I know it is worthwhile. 

This week, as an author with books coming out soon, I set out to tame my fear of these forms of communicating. After all my author page on Facebook and my Twitter account will help to get the word out when DEATH OF BIGFOOT & OTHER TALES is published.

These are blessed times we live in because information can be communicated in seconds all around the world. No longer do we have to depend upon a runner from settlement to settlement, sailing ships ferrying news, Pony Express riders carrying letters or the U.S. Post Office. Click, click, zap and what do you know?

So, my nerves are more settled now. My mind is at ease. Ah.

If you are curious about my author page on Facebook it is at  and you can follow me on Twitter at if you would like to do so.

How do you like Social Media? How does it help you in what you do?